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Kadal – Title for the Story
Language: Jeseri
Location: Lakshadweep
Contributor: Lakshmi Pradeep

The island is surrounded by the sea or kadal. The sea on the eastern side of the island is furious compared to the calmer western side. The sea on the eastern side therefore becomes a metaphor of anger as one can see waves from different coasts of the islands clashing with each other. The sea in this part of the Lakshadweep is referred to as the pottunna kadal or konnattukadal in some islands. The sea on the western side is known for its lagoons or billam . The islands are said to be growing towards the eastern side. Hence the wind that blows from west to east is considered to be a boon for the islands. The lagoon and the corals separate the island from the deep sea known as the ayakkadal. The sea during the monsoons is often rough and not suitable for navigation. Interestingly, the deep sea is also referred to as Bahr which is an Arabic word indicating long histories of navigation.

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