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Billam – Title for the Story
Language: Jeseri
Location: Lakshadweep
Contributor: Lakshmi Pradeep

Billam refers to the lagoon, a lively interactive space for the people of Lakshadweep. It has gathered much importance in the wider world on account of the work of the scientific community interested in coral reef habitats. Fishing boats can be seen floating in the blue-green waters of the billam. It is often found on the western side of the island. The Billam consists of colorful corals and plenty of reef fish. It supports the fishing economy by offering sustenance to bait fish that are caught from here by fishers to be used in the tuna fisheries of these islands. The fish caught from the billam is said to be rich in calcium (pregnant women are fed many species of such billam fish). For the children of Lakshadweep, billam is a playground. People enjoy swimming and fishing here. The clear waters of the Lakshadweep’s billam make for images that travel far and wide as a tourist bait.

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